IMS Trade-Up Program - upgrade your IMS bearing to IMS Retrofit™ or IMS Solution and save!

visit IMS Solution website

Receive a $300 Gift Card with purchase
of any IMS SOLUTION kit*

visit IMS Retrofit™ website

Receive a $100 Gift Card with purchase
of any IMS RETROFIT™ kit*

*when upgrading from Classic Single- or Dual Row IMS Retrofit™ or  any competitor’s aftermarket bearing replacement utilizing a ball or roller bearing. Gift Card delivered via e-mail, for use in LN Engineering online store. Restrictions apply.

I already have LN Engineering’s kit installed in my car. How will I know if my IMS Retrofit™ bearing needs replacement? Use our new IMS Check online tool.

  • I have my IMS Retrofit™ Serial Number. Use your IMS kit’s serial number (digits only, e.g. 11075, not IMSR11075).

  • I don’t have the Serial Number. Enter the last six digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


What if my IMS Retrofit™ Serial Number is not found in the database?

  • Refer to the table below to approximate installation date (+ / – 6 months) based on the serial number ranges. Many clients / shops fail to properly register their installations.
Serial Number Production Date
2000 April 2011
5000 April 2012
9000 April 2013
12000 April 2014
17000 April 2015
22000 April 2016
25500 April 2017

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Nothing mechanical lasts forever.

Contrary to some misleading information on the internet, ball and roller bearings are wear-and-tear items with service intervals. LN Engineering recommends replacement of your IMS Bearing as follows:

IMS Retrofit™ Classic
Every 4 YEARS OR 50k MILES

IMS Retrofit™ Single Row Pro
Every 6 YEARS OR 75k MILES

IMS Retrofit™ Dual Row
Every 6 YEARS OR 75k MILES

IMS Retrofit™ MY 06-08
Every 6 YEARS OR 75k MILES

Some important IMS Facts – did you know?

The M96 / M97  is a wet sump engine.

The Intermediate Shaft is submerged in oil.

Ceramic hybrid bearings only need 1cc of oil per minute.

The dual row bearings used in the Single Row Pro and Dual Row IMS Retrofit™ have load ratings equal to similarly sized roller bearings.

With over 20,000 installations since 2008, the IMS Retrofit™ and  IMS Solution are trusted worldwide as the first and best.

The IMS Solution is the only permanent solution that backdates your IMS to work like in an aircooled flat 6 engine.